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Re: Possible liblapack transition

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@debian.org> [2009-03-01 13:58]:

> Version 3.2 of the lapack library has been released [1] and is now packaged
> in experimental (version 3.2.0-1). As regards the version currently in
> unstable (3.1.1), the API has changed [2] in the following way:
> [snip]
> I would like to know the opinion of the Release Team on how to proceed.
> Since the upstream authors do not choose the SONAME and the current one
> (liblapack3gf) is a Debian invention, we are now left with two options:
> option #1) Release liblapack3gf_3.2.0 to unstable without changing the
> 	   SONAME, hoping that my analysis above is correct and there will
> 	   be no breakages.
> option #2) Change the SONAME, release liblapack3.2_3.2.0 (or whichever
> 	   name) to unstable and schedule binNMUs for all the rdepend
> 	   packages.

I asked the question above over a week ago and got no reaction from the
Release Team since then. I suppose that you guys are either too busy with
other transitions or think that this API change is not so dramatic.  I 
think that we could go with option #1 above and everything will be fine.

If no objections are raised in a reasonable amount of time from now, I will
release liblapack3gf_3.2.0 to unstable without bumping the SONAME.

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