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Possible liblapack transition

Version 3.2 of the lapack library has been released [1] and is now packaged
in experimental (version 3.2.0-1). As regards the version currently in
unstable (3.1.1), the API has changed [2] in the following way:

    * removed routines: DLAZQ3, DLAZQ4, SLAQZ3, and SLAQZ4
    * changed interface (8 new arguments): DLASQ3, DLASQ4, SLASQ3, and SLASQ4
    * changed interface (1 new argument): ZCGESV

According to one of the upstream authors we contacted, the *LASQ* routines
were not intended for normal end-user programs.  These are highly
specialized routines for internal use by the Lapack library itself.  On the
other hand, ZCGESV is a "new" end-user routine, although it was already 
3.1.1, but with an experimental status.  It is unlikely that programs using
liblapack3gf in Debian are using ZCGESV.

I prepared a wiki page [3] to summarize the situation of the packages that
build-depend on liblapack-dev.  The columns in the table show whether each
package builds correctly against liblapack-dev 3.2.0-1 (the version
currently in experimental) and whether any of its files need one of the
symbols cited above (this test was done by running "nm -u" on all files
contained in the package). 

The list of packages may be incomplete and I welcome corrections.  Also,
note that I could not build two of them on my sid amd64 chroot (nm-fit and
python-scipy).  All the packages that built fine do not seem to be using the
API routines that underwent changes.

I would like to know the opinion of the Release Team on how to proceed.
Since the upstream authors do not choose the SONAME and the current one
(liblapack3gf) is a Debian invention, we are now left with two options:

option #1) Release liblapack3gf_3.2.0 to unstable without changing the
	   SONAME, hoping that my analysis above is correct and there will
	   be no breakages.

option #2) Change the SONAME, release liblapack3.2_3.2.0 (or whichever
	   name) to unstable and schedule binNMUs for all the rdepend

[1] http://www.netlib.org/lapack/lapack-3.2.html
[2] http://www.netlib.org/lapack/lapack-3.2.html#_8_interface_changes
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/Lapack32Transition


Rafael Laboissiere

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