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Re: please unblock reportbug-ng


As far as I remember the reasons for the block where:

 1. Not showing presubj
 2. Not sending output of bugscript

Right? Those have been fixed for a long time now. And rng has nor RC
bugs open.

I'm aware that rng still does not respect the report-with field in
/u/s/bug/control. I don't know if this also was a reason for the block
and if this issue alone is a reason for a block. If so maybe we should
open an RC bug for this issue and put the block on this bug.



Adeodato Simó schrieb:
> Hola Bastian, can you give some detailed explanations as to why we
> should unblock reportbug-ng? Have all the issues been addressed? Etc.
> Thanks and cheers,

Bastian Venthur                                      http://venthur.de
Debian Developer                                 venthur at debian org

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