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Re: SONAME changes for Shibboleth packages

Please go ahead with this.

--- Russ Allbery [Tue, 17 Feb 2009 08:27:59 -0800]:

> Release team,

> I'd like to upload new versions of the Shibboleth packages, which involves
> two SONAME changes: libxmltooling and libsaml.  This shouldn't involve any
> other packages; the package cluster of:

>     xmltooling
>     opensaml2
>     shibboleth-sp2

> is fairly self-contained and I don't think anything else depends on those
> libraries.  However, since there's some possibility that it could get
> tangled up with a C++ or Xerces change, I wanted to warn you in advance
> and get approval before starting the uploads.

> If this is okay, I'll start with the new xmltooling and upload each
> package in turn after the prerequisites have had a chance to autobuild.
> I'll then let you know when the whole group is ready to migrate together.

> Thanks in advance!

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