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Getting CC on -release (was Re: Removing orphaned packages from testing)

* Raphael Geissert [Mon, 16 Feb 2009 15:44:13 -0600]:

> [No CC please, thank]

This will be done on a best-effort basis. We tend to always CC people on
-release because it's a role address list, where people who may not be
subscribed send requests (unblock requests during freezes, coordination
for library uploads eg. now), and we should make sure they get a copy of
the answer, exactly the same way they get a copy if the mail to a
private alias, or to the BTS.

If you set a M-F-T header, it'll be honoured by at least some of us.

In this case in particular, another possible way to have done it would
be avoiding cross-posting altogether, send the initial message to the
appropriate list (-qa), Bcc'ing -release on it.

Hope this makes sense to you,

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