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Re: please unblock gtk-vnc 0.3.8-2

Guido Günther wrote:
> Hi,

> The first of the two is severity important and a crash in the OpenGL
> code. Upstream says:
> | Please just upgrade to 0.3.8, which rips out all the OpenGL crap and
> | replaces it with Cairo. The OpenGL stuff turned out to be horribly
> | unmaintainble, and doesn't play nice with Compiz either. I never managed
> | to track down all the flaws in the GL code paths, partly because of the
> | way it switched between GL and non-GL rendering on the fly, which had
> | some race conditions in.

Ok, seems a good idea.

> The other changes between 0.3.7 and 0.3.8 (besides the switch from
> OpenGL to Cairo) were backported into Debian's 0.3.7-4 in Lenny anyway
> already. I've checked the reverse dependencies virt-manager,
> virt-viewer, vinagre to still work with 0.3.8-2. Debdiff attached.

... and the large diff can be explained by adding gnulib to the source
and updating the license formatting in lots of files ...




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