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Re: unblock request for mpd 0.13.2-3lenny1

* Decklin Foster [Tue, 20 Jan 2009 23:47:39 -0500]:

> Due to a lack of care on my part, mpd 0.13.2-3, which was unblocked
> for Lenny, never got in because I uploaded a new upstream version for
> sid too quickly. (I finally noticed this today doing a test install...
> my bad.)

> To redress the problem I'm uploading 0.13.2-3lenny1 to t-p-u. It
> contains only one change relative to -3: explicitly shipping an IPv4
> config to work around #507648 (at this point in the game, testing
> clients with IPv6 is not realistic for me.) The workaround is only
> relevant to 0.13 (hence the revision number). Can it please be
> unblocked? Thanks.


> Sorry -- for amd64 this should be 0.13.2-3lenny1+b1, which is now also
> in t-p-u. I forgot to switch from my default sid chroot to my lenny
> one. Autobuilt packages will not have any problems.



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