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Reboot times for ries


lets define something sp DSA can reboot ries without first needing to
ask ftpmaster / release team if its a convenient time for us...

Ftpmaster has dinstall, which doesn't like to have a reboot right in
the middle. That starts at the known [1|7|13|19]:52 UTC. According to our
logs we have between 100 and 140 minutes runtime. Mirror push[1] starts in
the last third of the run already, so slightly in paralell, but keeping
a safety belt in place, lets take 2.5 hours time. And let us end it
enough in advance so a last run of the unchecked queue can be done
before dinstall starts, so about half an hour before dinstall starts.

That turns out to leave the time frames of

04:30 - 07:30
10:30 - 13:30
16:30 - 19:30
22:30 - 01:30

for "reboot at will, please turn off cron in advance".

Obviously thats the ftpmaster pov, Release Managers please add yours.

[1] Ultimately we should move all of the mirrors but three to syncproxies
    and off ries, but thats a different story.

bye, Joerg
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