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Re: fglrx 8-12 for Lenny

Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> Hello,
> We the fglrx maintainers think, that it would be the best to release
> lenny with 8-12-x instead of 8-7-3. it fixes many bugs like the X11
> crash bugs with wine, missing 2.6.26 kernel support and a bunch of
> another upstream issues has been addressed. also the packaging itself is
> now much cleaner (patch system instead of a self hackish one etc) and
> some more or less documentation fixes.
> The changeset is in opposite to the lenny candidate a bit bigger, see below.
> It also fixes two quite important bugs (clashing diversions: #475007 and
> bashishm: #489575)
> The last two noted bugs could also be fixed by a 8-7-4 upload, but I
> hope we may release it with 8-12.
> Any objections?

Please upload and contact us again when you did.



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