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Re: Please unblock gpsd-2.37-7

* Bernd Zeimetz [Wed, 07 Jan 2009 00:50:08 +0100]:

> Hi Release Team,

> unfortunately the Python based tools which ship with gpsd don't work with
> Lenny's Python2.5 as the pty module is broken. Unfortunately upstream and me
> could  not yet figure out if that's a Python, gcc, glibc or kernel problem
> (yeah, there's even a minor chance that the problem lies somewhere in the gpsd
> python modules).
> As i doubt that the real bug will be fixed in time for Lenny, I've patched the
> Python tools from gpsd to use python 2.4, which is a bit annoying, but better
> than delivering broken tools.

Heh, nice python-support magic that automatically adds python2.4 to
Depends. Unblocked.

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