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asterisk t-p-u upload


I've prepared a fix for #507883, an RC bug for asterisk.

Unfortunately, one of its dependencies, libvpb0, had a new upload in
unstable (v4.2.38-1 vs. v4.2.36-1 in lenny) and uses  "dh_makeshlibs -V"
with no symbol files, which resulted in new shlibs for asterisk.

Those libvpb0 changes are minor -mostly fixing GCC 4.4 FTBFS due to
missing headers- and do not change the ABI at all (verified both by
looking at the source and by comparing the exported symbols).

So, I can see four solutions:
  a) The obvious: upload asterisk to t-p-u.
  b) Fix libvpb0's shlibs to state the reality (">= 4.2.36"), upload,
     wait for it to build on all architectures and then upload asterisk.
     Versioned build-dep is obviously not an option here.
  c) Push vpb-driver 4.2.38-1 to lenny.
     asterisk is the only rev-dep in Debian, Ron is also upstream.
     But I can see how this can be a problem during our hard freeze :)
  d) Override the shlibs with debian/shlibs.local.

If there's no real rush and Ron agrees, I'd say that (c) is the best
solution. I have no real problem with (d) either, despite its uglyness.

What's the preferred way in your opinion?

Thanks and happy holidays,

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