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Re: Bug#506353: lenny removal requests

On 25/12/08 21:38, Nico Golde wrote:
* Simon Walter<simon.walter@hp-factory.de>  [2008-12-25 00:43]:
"Gabor FUNK"<FUNK.Gabor@hunetkft.hu>  writes:
Current state of this work is: It works (MailScanner starts and scans
a simple textmail) but it's not well tested.  There still need to be
done some testing with TNEF attachment, virus removal and some other

I currently don't Know when I will have the time to do this.

I have attached the diff against 4.68.8 debian package.

I'm afraid this is too late, mailscanner has already been
removed from lenny.
Shame you couldn't wait 6 days for the new stable release. I don't immediately release a new stable release after making lots of changes to ensure it has received some testing in the field first. Your loss.


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