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the gs-common problem

Hi everyone,

you have been involved in #503712
so it's been a while since the last activity here.

contrary to Niko's last mail I propose to live with a circular
dependency and
- make ghostscript depend on gs-common (>> -3.2 to be uploaded)
- make gs-common NOT depend on ghostscript-x
unless there is a compelling reason not to (i.e. massive breakage would
a reason, that gs-common then will have to stay installed for lenny is
not, the circular dependency in itself isn't, but if it causes
problems...). IMO a single excess package is not that bad compared to
requiring attention during an upgrade.

I will check whether this is a problem for the reverse
build-dependencies and dependencies. For the latter, it would be cool if
 the maintainers of the affected packages,
  Vincent           for latex-make
  Sylvain and David for page-crunch
  the Zope guys and Andreas and Fabio for zope-textindexng3
could weigh in here. I'll look at your packages, but if you already know
whether it works without ghostscript-x or not, it'd be great if you
could give me a shout.

Happy holidays and kind regards


P.S.: When you reply, you might want to drop part of the CC madness. :)
Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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