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Re: Unblock of obby and tpu approval for gobby

Philipp Kern wrote:
> Hi there,
> I want to request an unblock of obby.  Sadly the diff is cluttered with
> lots of autoconf turnaround.  The changes boil down to this:
> (1) po/oc.po: add new Occitan (post 1500) translation
> (2) inc/client_buffer.hpp: Added a connect(const net6::address&)
>     overload.
> (3) src/zeroconf_avahi.cpp: Set scope ID of discovered IPv6 services,
>     for link-local IPv6 to work.
> (4) src/zeroconf_howl.cpp: Don't throw exceptions in C callbacks.
>     Instead, print the error to std::cerr as the avahi implementation
>     does.

obby unblocked

> Sadly gobby cannot be updated through unstable due to shlib bumps
> in cairomm and gtksourceview2.  Version 0.4.8-1 (41 days old) also
> contains only stability (for issues reported into upstream's bug
> tracker) and IPv6 fixes.  It's a lot more noise but again explaining
> using the upstream changelog (changes from 0.4.7 and 0.4.8 folded
> together, listing the non-cosmetic changes):
> (1) require obby 0.4.6 in pkg-config checks
> (2) Added address column to zeroconf session list, return on get_address() if
>     host and port matches the selection.  Take a net6::address* that is used for
>     connection establishment when set (otherwise hostname/port).  Set address of
>     JoinProgressDialog from JoinDialog.
> (3) po/el.po: add Greek translation from Launchpad
>     po/he.po: add Hebrew translation from Launchpad
>     po/nl.po: add Dutch translation from Launchpad
>     po/ja.po: Japanese translation updated
> (4) configure.ac: Use GtkSourceView2 by default. [*]
> (5) Only use the ige-mac-intergration if we are running natively on Mac OS X.
> (6) Hide hidden languages from the user interface. These are not meant to be
>     shown to the user, and they could cause a crash (bug #374).
> (7) Various fixes to increase accessibility using atkmm.
> (8) File test before loading XML file, this seems to crash on Windows otherwise.
> (9) Fix build failures with g++-4.3.
> (10) Don't crash when no GtkSourceView languages are installed.
> (11) Adhere to the freedesktop.org Desktop Entry Specification v1.0
> (1) is due to an ABI change in obby to accomodate the IPv6 fix (2).  (3)
> is just adding new translations.  (4) does not apply to Debian because
> the version in testing already links against gtksourceview2.  (5) does
> not apply neither.  (6) was about exposing a highlighting language that
> is only present for internal use of gtksourceview.  I'm faily certain
> about (7), although it does not address all accessibility issues in Gobby.
> (8) is just an added check.  (9) was mainly about missing includes,
> curiousingly it still built in testing on its last tpu upload on all
> architectures.  (10)+(11) 'nuff said.
> I would like to re-upload 0.4.8-1 to tpu as 0.4.8-1~lenny1 with the French
> translation refreshed.

Please upload.



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