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Unblock of obby and tpu approval for gobby

Hi there,

I want to request an unblock of obby.  Sadly the diff is cluttered with
lots of autoconf turnaround.  The changes boil down to this:

(1) po/oc.po: add new Occitan (post 1500) translation
(2) inc/client_buffer.hpp: Added a connect(const net6::address&)
(3) src/zeroconf_avahi.cpp: Set scope ID of discovered IPv6 services,
    for link-local IPv6 to work.
(4) src/zeroconf_howl.cpp: Don't throw exceptions in C callbacks.
    Instead, print the error to std::cerr as the avahi implementation

The version has been in unstable for 64 days, and I'm fairly confident
that it's as stable as the version in Lenny.  (1) is ok for sure,
(2)+(3) don't break the ABI because we are talking about C++ template
instanciations and help the IPv6 release goal, (4) should really
be included as crashes caused by C++ exceptions thrown in C callbacks
are bad.  If this version is accepted gobby would need to
either be updated and thus recompiled or be binNMUed in testing.

Sadly gobby cannot be updated through unstable due to shlib bumps
in cairomm and gtksourceview2.  Version 0.4.8-1 (41 days old) also
contains only stability (for issues reported into upstream's bug
tracker) and IPv6 fixes.  It's a lot more noise but again explaining
using the upstream changelog (changes from 0.4.7 and 0.4.8 folded
together, listing the non-cosmetic changes):

(1) require obby 0.4.6 in pkg-config checks
(2) Added address column to zeroconf session list, return on get_address() if
    host and port matches the selection.  Take a net6::address* that is used for
    connection establishment when set (otherwise hostname/port).  Set address of
    JoinProgressDialog from JoinDialog.
(3) po/el.po: add Greek translation from Launchpad
    po/he.po: add Hebrew translation from Launchpad
    po/nl.po: add Dutch translation from Launchpad
    po/ja.po: Japanese translation updated
(4) configure.ac: Use GtkSourceView2 by default. [*]
(5) Only use the ige-mac-intergration if we are running natively on Mac OS X.
(6) Hide hidden languages from the user interface. These are not meant to be
    shown to the user, and they could cause a crash (bug #374).
(7) Various fixes to increase accessibility using atkmm.
(8) File test before loading XML file, this seems to crash on Windows otherwise.
(9) Fix build failures with g++-4.3.
(10) Don't crash when no GtkSourceView languages are installed.
(11) Adhere to the freedesktop.org Desktop Entry Specification v1.0

(1) is due to an ABI change in obby to accomodate the IPv6 fix (2).  (3)
is just adding new translations.  (4) does not apply to Debian because
the version in testing already links against gtksourceview2.  (5) does
not apply neither.  (6) was about exposing a highlighting language that
is only present for internal use of gtksourceview.  I'm faily certain
about (7), although it does not address all accessibility issues in Gobby.
(8) is just an added check.  (9) was mainly about missing includes,
curiousingly it still built in testing on its last tpu upload on all
architectures.  (10)+(11) 'nuff said.

I would like to re-upload 0.4.8-1 to tpu as 0.4.8-1~lenny1 with the French
translation refreshed.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
 .''`.  Philipp Kern                        Debian Developer
: :' :  http://philkern.de                         Release Assistant
`. `'   xmpp:phil@0x539.de                         Stable Release Manager
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