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Re: Propose remove waproamd from lenny


Maybe this package should be removed from unstable?



Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> I have just been trying to make roaming wireless work on my laptop and
> came across waproamd, which sounded great. However, further digging
> reveals that it has been obsoleted upstream and the original maintainer
> recommends wpa_supplicant instead. Quote:
> "waproamd is obsolete, please use wpa_supplicant instead. waproamd
> contains some race conditions that are impossible to fix. wpa_supplicant
> supersedes waproamd in almost every way." [1]
> waproamd is currently in stable, testing and unstable but has been
> orphaned since January this year. Popcon reports 150 votes, which I
> don't think is sufficient to try and maintain security updates for.
> Removing waproamd from lenny will hopefully save some other users the
> same waste of time that I spent reading up on it.
> [1] http://www.0pointer.de/lennart/projects/waproamd/

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