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Propose remove waproamd from lenny

I have just been trying to make roaming wireless work on my laptop and
came across waproamd, which sounded great. However, further digging
reveals that it has been obsoleted upstream and the original maintainer
recommends wpa_supplicant instead. Quote:

"waproamd is obsolete, please use wpa_supplicant instead. waproamd
contains some race conditions that are impossible to fix. wpa_supplicant
supersedes waproamd in almost every way." [1]

waproamd is currently in stable, testing and unstable but has been
orphaned since January this year. Popcon reports 150 votes, which I
don't think is sufficient to try and maintain security updates for.

Removing waproamd from lenny will hopefully save some other users the
same waste of time that I spent reading up on it.

[1] http://www.0pointer.de/lennart/projects/waproamd/


Jonathan Wiltshire

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