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Re: frozen libraptor1 update request

* Jürgen Kertz [Mon, 15 Dec 2008 16:12:36 +0100]:

> Hello!

> Several Packages (like ardour) are waiting for the updated version of  
> libraptor1, which has 1.4.17-1 in testing and 1.4.18-1 in unstable. As  
> far as I can see the are no new bugs in 1.4.18, but it wont be updated  
> because its already frozen.

> Please take a look at this if this issue can be resolved.
> Thank you!

Sorry, new upstream releases of packages are not accepted at this point.
Anyway ardour is itself frozen as well, and I'll note that it was
removed from testing on 2007-08-05, and that it has not been a candidate
for migration ever since.

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