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Re: Please consider tagging this bug lenny-ignore (was: Bug#507003: initiatorname.iscsi should maybe not be in /etc)

tags 507003 +lenny-ignore

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 12:33:52AM +0100, Carsten Hey wrote:
> This bug in open-iscsi is not a functional one and the package works
> quite well (although is against the policy).  I consider the danger of
> a functional breakage through a possible fix before the release to high
> in comparison to the gain that would be accomplished by fixing this bug.
> Currently the submitter and a contributor (both DD's) are discussing
> whether the patch that is attached to this bug is broken or not ...

Agreed. However, please note that the tag name is 'lenny-ignore' not
'squeeze-ignore'. This bug will need fixing soon after release.

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