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Please consider tagging this bug lenny-ignore (was: Bug#507003: initiatorname.iscsi should maybe not be in /etc)

Dear release team,

bug #507003 is about a conffile in /etc that says "DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE
THIS FILE" and should better reside in /var.  It has correctly been
tagged as serious by Steve Langasek as this is against the policy (see
bug report for more details).

The recent past has shown that even more or less trivial rc-bug fixes
like the one used to fix bug #502146 in libpam-mount might lead to more
serious regressions, e.g. #507194 (merged with #507199, #507257 and
#507592) or #507260.

This bug in open-iscsi is not a functional one and the package works
quite well (although is against the policy).  I consider the danger of
a functional breakage through a possible fix before the release to high
in comparison to the gain that would be accomplished by fixing this bug.
Currently the submitter and a contributor (both DD's) are discussing
whether the patch that is attached to this bug is broken or not ...

Thus I ask you, the release team, to consider tagging bug #507003


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