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Re: Opinion of the Release Team on the ImageMagick transition


On Tue, 2 Dec 2008 21:13:35 +0100
Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> wrote:

> Does this sound doable from your side? In particular, using Provides
> is much easier than using transitional packages, so it should be less
> effort for you. (Unless somebody has spotted that it won't work, in
> that case please speak up!)

OK. I left my machine rebuilding the reverse build dependencies this
night. The change that I did in Imagemagick is this:
(libmagickcore-dev provides libmagick9-dev, libmagick++-dev provides

Already OK:

kallery - OK - already changed at experimental
labplot - OK (build-deps: libmagick9-dev | libmagickcore-dev)
rss-glx - OK (build-deps: libmagick9-dev | libmagickwand-dev)
dvdauthor - OK (build-deps: libmagick++9-dev | libmagick++-dev)


Reverse build dependencies of libmagick9-dev, using libmagickcore-dev:

libfprint - OK
xine-lib - FTBFS (I think that it's not related with imagemagick)
vips - OK
ale - OK
autotrace - didn't test; it tries to pull libmagick9-dev via libpstoedit-dev
dx - OK
gnuift - OK
imview - OK
jmagick - OK
kismet - OK

With problem:

librmagick-ruby - versioned depends on libmagick9-dev
human-icon-theme - versioned depends on libmagick9-dev
tangerine-icon-theme - versioned depends on libmagick9-dev

With libmagickwand-dev (and thus need to update de build-deps),
libmagickcore-dev, libmagickcore1, libmagickwand1, all at version

php-imagick - OK
nip2 - FTBFS

With imagemagick, libmagickcore-dev, libmagickcore1, libmagickwand1,
all at version 7:

tango-icon-theme - OK
oxine - OK

Rebuild of the reverse build dependencies of libmagick++9-dev, using
libmagick++-dev with the provides:

With libmagick++-dev, libmagick++1, libmagickcore-dev, libmagickcore1,
libmagickwand-dev, libmagickwand1, all at version 7:

cimg - FTBFS
gnudatalanguage - FTBFS
inkscape - OK
k3d - OK
kxstitch - FTBFS (#485893)
labplot - didn't test; it tries to pull libmagick9-dev via libpstoedit-dev
libextractor - OK
pfstools - OK
player - OK
prestimel - OK
pstoedit - OK
pythonmagick - FTBFS
qbittorrent - OK
synfig - OK
zebra - OK

Note that an "OK" means just that the package has been built. There
might be problems with them, like with imview (it didn't detect

Build logs can be found at

If using the provides helps, I can upload the packages to experimental
as they are now. Otherwise, as I said, I can't promise that I will be
able to think and implement a fast solution.

Best regards,

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