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Re: Template Toolkit, Template::DBI and Etch updates breakage


Note for debian-release@:
The Template::DBI module has been shipped with Template-Toolkit from
version 2.00 to 2.15, so it is shipped with Etch, but not with Lenny.

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> However, a big "selling point" for the Template Toolkit has long been
> the Template::DBI module. Sadly, I believe we are quite a bit late to
> introduce it into Lenny - But the package could be uploaded into
> Debian, and basically added straight to lenny-backports as soon as it
> is available.

If the Template::DBI module is an important part of Template Toolkit, we
should avoid regressions *within* Debian instead of referring users to
backports.  That look more like a work-around for the release process to

We should ask the release team if the package could still be allowed for
Lenny -- the code has already been in Debian before after all and it
would avoid regressions.  Though I agree it very late, probably too
late, for this.


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