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Freeze exception for SLiM


I am not a DD nor a DM, but I do "maintain" the SLiM package when I
have time, then I wait/ask/hope for sponsoring.

So, concerning my slim package, there is gonna be a NMU from the l10n
team (maybe also for the inclusion of a Lenny artwork), and I figured it
would be nice to upload all the modifications I did on it.  The last
upload didn't happen for a long time.

There are 3 reasons why I see a freeze exception, two of them are
already mentionned (l10n and artwork).  The other reason would be that
Lenny has 1.3.0-1 and some people are still having locale issues with
it.  Those should be corrected with the -2 version. It's not a major
problem IMHO, and besides that there are other minor changes (mainly
the configuration file).

I uploaded the package to http://mykey57.free.fr/pub/tmp/slim/

Please have a look at it.

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