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Re: Please unblock ggz-server, RC bug fixes

Neil Williams wrote:
> http://incoming.debian.org/ggz-server_0.0.14.1-1.1_amd64.changes
> closing 478812 (merged with 473350) and 490420:
> debian/patches/database-m4.patch comes from upstream (isolated to only
> fix the current problem), see:
> http://hq.ggzgamingzone.org/~josef/diffs/
> (package already uses the CDBS patch system)
> The change to m4/database.m4 requires re-running the autotools so these
> are added as Build-Depends; autoconf, automake | automake1.9, libtool.
> The effect of database-m4.patch is to tighten the build-dependencies on
> libdb-dev such that ggzd ends up linked against libdb4.4 so the
> build-depends for libdb-dev has been replaced by libdb4.4-dev. (Support
> for libdb4.6 and later is being implemented upstream.)
> 'autoreconf -if' overwrites INSTALL so a tweak to debian/rules replaces
> the upstream one and a second tweak handles the files generated by
> rerunning the autotools.
> Thankfully, running the autotools didn't turn out to cause too much
> bloat in the .diff.gz.
> The new preinst was developed in consultation with ggz upstream.




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