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Re: freeze exception for cacao-oj6

* Matthias Klose:

>> Well, you know that there is a T2000 available and if the security team
>> needs a faster buildd they have to ask.
> the estimate is wrong.

I what sense?  I quoted the actual build time on lebrun.  Is spontini
really faster than that?

> the openjdk-6 package runs the testsuite. if the security team prefers
> shorter build times, then the testuite can be disabled in security
> uploads.

Uhm, okay.

> the testsuite is not run in the cacao-oj6 package.

And build times are reasonably fast.

> if the security team has the opportunity to use a faster machine,
> please consider using it.

The security team doesn't run wanna-build for the security buildd
network, or the security buildds themselves.  We prefer stable *and*
reasonably fast buildds, of course.  But we aren't involved in their

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