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Re: freeze exception for cacao-oj6

* Luk Claes:

> Matthias Klose wrote:
>> proposing a freeze exception for cacao-oj6 for testing. cacao-oj6 is a
>> copy of the openjdk-6 package with the cacao sources
>> included. Compared to openjdk-6 on architectures without the Hotspot
>> JIT support, cacao-oj6 (including a JIT) is a much faster JVM on the
>> architectures where it does build (powerpc, s390, armel for
>> now). Discussed this at Debconf with some people. I was told to get
>> agreement with debian-security about the maintainability (because of
>> the duplicate sources). See #495256 as well.
> What was the conclusion of the discussion with the Security Team?

I don't recall a discussion.  Anyway, I want to see a -2 first, to see
if it can actually be auto-built on all release architectures, and what
the timings are.

A security update for the OpenJDK 6 source base will require more than
60 hours of armel build time, and more than two weeks[1] on sparc for
openjdk-6 alone (don't know cocoa-oj6 yet).  Anything longer than half a
day is very difficult for us.

[1] Estimate based on a built time of 205 hours on lebrun, which has got
    a 750 MHz CPU.  spontini is a U60, which is probably only half as

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