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Re: Freeze Exception for Python Django 1.0

Hi David,

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 06:35:24PM -0700, David Spreen wrote:

> I know you have a lot of work so I'll try to be concise hopefully
> without leaving anything out. I am a member of the Debian Python Modules
> Team and have spent quite some work on the packages for Python Django
> 1.0 (I packaged alpha2, beta1 and beta2 for experimental). Django is
> going to release version 1.0 early next week and I want to ask you to
> make a freeze exception for it once it is in unstable (which will be on
> the same day or the day after the release).

Having seen the thread on debian-python and subsequently spoken with a
member of upstream about this, I would add/reiterate the following points:

- Django 0.96.2 is already too far out of date for most applications (i.e.,
  it's been "too old" for the past 6 months), and has been in
  security-updates-only mode for over a year; if it comes down to releasing
  with 0.96.2 or not including django in the release, it appears to be
  better to release without django.

- Django is a rather popular framework, so it would be very nice to have 1.0
  in lenny rather than having nothing.

- However, to date the most recent package available in Debian is 1.0~beta1
  (the 1.0~beta2 package being stuck in NEW due to the addition of a -doc
  package), and this only to experimental, which means that the testing
  audience for these packages is vastly reduced.  If there's to be /any/
  chance of this package being included in Lenny, I recommend getting a
  package into unstable /immediately/ rather than waiting for the upstream
  1.0 release - bypassing the NEW queue by re-dropping the -doc package, if

> 1. Django 1.0 is backwards incompatible. Applications that have been
> written for earlier stable and development releases will most likely not
> work with Django 0.96 which means that most likely 0.96 will be of
> little value for developers soon after the release next week.

It is my understanding that Django 0.96 is already of little value for
most users.

> 2. A freeze exception would be low-impact. Currently there is no
> application that depends on Django in unstable or testing. There are two
> applications that Suggest Django because Django can use it but they
> don't use the framework itself and are therefore compatible with the new
> version.

More than this, the python-django package has no reverse-dependencies or
reverse-build-deps in the archive.  So yes, the impact is low.

It is my recommendation to the release team that python-django 1.0 be
accepted for lenny on a provisional basis, with the understanding that 0.96
is not release-worthy, and that if the 1.0 packages also fail to be
releasable on the proper time table, that they be cut from the release.

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