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Freeze Exception for Python Django 1.0

Dear Release Team,

I know you have a lot of work so I'll try to be concise hopefully
without leaving anything out. I am a member of the Debian Python Modules
Team and have spent quite some work on the packages for Python Django
1.0 (I packaged alpha2, beta1 and beta2 for experimental). Django is
going to release version 1.0 early next week and I want to ask you to
make a freeze exception for it once it is in unstable (which will be on
the same day or the day after the release).

The packages in experimental are stable and have been tested by me and
others. This issue has also been discussed on the debian-python mailing
list[1]. Here is a summary of the points that have been made:

1. Django 1.0 is backwards incompatible. Applications that have been
written for earlier stable and development releases will most likely not
work with Django 0.96 which means that most likely 0.96 will be of
little value for developers soon after the release next week.

2. A freeze exception would be low-impact. Currently there is no
application that depends on Django in unstable or testing. There are two
applications that Suggest Django because Django can use it but they
don't use the framework itself and are therefore compatible with the new

3. The Django framework lives of user contributed 'pluggable'
applications. Even if Django security issues will be attended, it is
unlikely that individual developers will want to support anything but
the most recent Django release. Moreover, most applications out there
already require a post-0.96 revision to work as they make heavy use of
the new features.

4. Django 1.0 comes with extensive documentation and therefore vastly
improves usability for developers. Integration with doc-base has already
been included in the Debian experimental packages.

I realize it is late in the release cycle and that there is little
procedural legitimacy to this request. I do however think that it would
be a loss to ship Lenny without 1.0 and that has also been the tenor of
the discussion on debian-python.

If any of your are in the San Francisco bay area any time soon, we
should get a drink, although I can't make any promises about paying
before I get paid. ;)

All my best,

David Spreen

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2008/08/msg00037.html

P.S.: Please?

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