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Re: trying to update phamm from 0.5.9-2 to 0.5.12-3

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>  95 files changed, 3433 insertions(+), 1338 deletions(-)
>   No way.
Thanks for reply, I aware of many difference from 0.5.9-2 to 0.5.12-3,
please consider these following conditions:

* Upstream author do not support 0.5.9 (relased in 2007) and I
  will not provide security patches for 0.5.9

* Phamm do not have reverse-dependencies

* I consider version 0.5.12-3 (unstable) ready for Lenny

* I will provide full support for RC Bugs in Phamm 0.5.12-3

best regards
Alessandro De Zorzi

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