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trying to update phamm from 0.5.9-2 to 0.5.12-3

Hi all,
as Phamm's upstream author and Maintainer of Phamm's Debian packages
we want to inform to you that version 0.5.12-3 seems really usable and
instead 0.5.9-2 (initial release). Phamm team tested it in some
machines and
in our servers.

Phamm 0.5.12 released 19-Jul-2008 is also a good point of Phamm's

For these reasons I ask to you to consider allow 0.5.12-3 goes in Lenny.

RC Bugs #493781 in phamm-ldap0.5.12-2 was fixed in 0.5.12-3.

None other bugs pending in Phamm now.

thanks in advance
Alessandro De Zorzi

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