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Advice re gdebi

It looks like the problems with the quality of gdebi's GUI interfaces
are persisting.  There are currently two quite severe bugs open
against the gdebi binary package one of which is clearly RC.

gdebi's command line feature is important for my automated package
testing system, autopkgtest, which I have just been able to get going
again running on testing at home precisely because gdebi is back in
testing.  So I am keen to keep the gdebi command line tool (in the
gdebi-core binary package) in lenny.

At some point it will be necessary to bail on the gui functionality.

Is there a problem with having the sources to gdebi in lenny produce
the non-working gdebi binary package, which should not be in lenny if
it continues to be useless ?  Or should we disable the gdebi binary
package build for now and reupload when it can be fixed ?


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