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Re: Ada packages for Lenny

Ludovic Brenta <ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org> writes:
> gnade 
> gnat-gps

... not in lenny.

> libgtkada2 - new upstream release, new ABI. Only one rdep (below).

No r-dep in lenny. Removal?

> libflorist - no rdeps


> - leaving lenny with a half-done transition (some packages depending on
> libgnat-4.1, others depending on libgnat-4.3) would completely break
> Debian as a consistent Ada development platform; not to mention that the
> RC bugs mentioned above are still in lenny today;

Only the libgtkada2 bug is still present in lenny.

> - As I read them, the published freeze rules say nothing specific against
> new upstream releases.

Read again, then:

|  - If the version in unstable already includes significant changes not
|    related to the bug to be fixed, contact debian-release about
|    uploading to testing-proposed-updates.  Changed dependencies, new
|    upstream versions, changed library names, and completely rewriting
|    the packaging are "significant changes".  So are lots of other
|    things.
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