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Ada packages for Lenny

This is my second post about this; the first received no answer.

In Lenny, all Ada packages must transition to gnat-4.3 (new ABI, new
sonames, new upstream releases of everything). Most packages made the
transition before the freeze. Unfortunately, due to reasons outside my
control, a few packages were still in the NEW queue when the freeze took
place. They are now in unstable where they fix all remaining RC bugs, and
I hereby request they be unblocked so they can make it into Lenny.

These packages are:

gnade - no rdeps; new upstream release from the stable branch, discussed
in detail
in http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2008/08/msg00509.html. Fixes
one RC bug:

#471619 gnade: FTBFS: gnatmake:
"/build/user/gnade-1.6.1/tmp/make_gnadeodbc.adb" compilation error

libgtkada2 - new upstream release, new ABI. Only one rdep (below). Fixes
RC bugs:

#421140 FTBFS: can't find file `epsf.tex'.
#475743 libgtkada: not installable in sid
#490418 libgtkada2: FTBFS: gnatmake: "gl_h.ali" incompatible ALI file,
please recompile

libflorist - no rdeps

gnat-gps - new upstream release; only package depending on libgtkada2,
and consequently uploaded only after libgtkada2 hit unstable; fixes 3 RC

#445772 gnat-gps: FTBFS: unsat b-deps: libgnatprj-dev: Depends: gnat-4.2
(= 4.2.1-7) but it is not going to be installed
#468310 gnat-gps: FTBFS: libgnatprj-dev no longer in unstable
#493850 gnat-gps FTBFS due to hardcoded python2.4 use

All packages have been in unstable for 13 days or more with no new bugs

I request these exceptions because:

- leaving lenny with a half-done transition (some packages depending on
libgnat-4.1, others depending on libgnat-4.3) would completely break
Debian as a consistent Ada development platform; not to mention that the
RC bugs mentioned above are still in lenny today;

- removing the packages from lenny altogether would be a disservice to
users and would greatly reduce the appeal Debian currently has for Ada
programmers (Debian is the technology leader in this area).

- the reasons for missing the freeze were outside my control as the
libraries were in NEW when the freeze took place.

- As I read them, the published freeze rules say nothing specific against
new upstream releases.

I am willing to re-upload these packages to testing-proposed-updates if
you think this is necessary. Also I am willing to amend the packages or
provide additional details if the information here is insufficient for
you to make a decision.


Ludovic Brenta.

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