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Re: freeze exception for jifty 0.80408-2

Yves AGOSTINI wrote:
>> Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
>>> On Sunday 24 August 2008 17:52, Luk Claes wrote:
>>>>> It would be a pity if jifty will not be in lenny while near 20 new
>>>>> needed dependencies were added for jifty and they will be almost useless
>>>>> without it.
>>>> No, sorry, in general we don't include new packages into lenny at this
>>>> stage.
>>> Would it make sense then to also keep those "20 dependencies" out of lenny?
>> If it are Depends ones, they won't get into lenny. If it are
>> Build-Depends ones, we will check for them before the release.
> there's 105 Build-Depends, maybe it will be faster to add just one package ;-)
> The number of 20 useless dependencies is just estimate.

Are you sure you talk about the same things ?
packages whose jifty depends on / packages that depend on jifty ?

  Yves: I think it is better to keep the depends in any case: you will be
able to provide jifty with backports.org and all depends will be ready in
lenny... (I do the same thing for koha: nearly all depends are in lenny.
The last ones and koha itself will be available in backports.org as they
are not ready for lenny time)


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