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Re: Please unblock avahi 0.6.23-2

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 11:39:41AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > Question is, if there are more users out there that use file-rc /
> > insserv or have disabled/modified avahi-daemon start symlinks (which
> > usually only knowledgeable users will do).
> > Please keep in mind that insserv was confirmed as a release goal, so
> > what should I do? I'm open to better suggestions.

> I do not have any better solutions.  The only bad alternative I have
> seen used is to remove known symlinks directly in /etc/rcX.d/, and
> this do not work with file-rc and insserv.  It is done in Ubuntu,
> because they have dropped file-rc.  It is as I see it, not an option
> in Debian.

According to http://popcon.debian.org/main/by_inst.gz, 142 people have
file-rc installed - vs. 577 users with insserv, and 73598 with sysv-rc.

So roughly .2% of popcon reporters use file-rc.

I don't think it's anything near a sure bet that less than .2% of users have
disabled *some* service by changing symlinks in /etc/rc*.d.

So it's not at all true that it's "not an option" in Debian - it just
happens to not be the option you prefer.  I, OTOH, think it's the better
option; I'm not sure why anyone would want to run file-rc in the first
place, but I know exactly why someone would want to disable a service by
changing symlinks in /etc/rc*.d - because it's the *right* way to do it in
the context of sysv-rc.

And insserv doesn't even enter the argument here, because insserv is
dependency-based and shouldn't need any configuration changes anyway...

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