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Re: Please unblock avahi 0.6.23-2

[Michael Biebl]
> Been there, done that. There is no way to satisfy everyone.

Yes, it suck to have to remove all start and stop symlinks to modify
the current settings.  The proper solution is to add a update-rc.d API
to change individual settings, and Kel Modderman has made a proposal
for this, but I suspect it will not be ready for a long time.  Until
it is ready, the only way that work for both sysv-rc, file-rc and
insserv is to remove completely and reinsert the script. :(

I welcome more help on working with this new API.  First we need to
agree on the command line API, next we need to get it implemented in
sysv-rc, file-rc and insserv.  I do not expect to have time to look at
it for several months, because of the arrival of my first son this

> Question is, if there are more users out there that use file-rc /
> insserv or have disabled/modified avahi-daemon start symlinks (which
> usually only knowledgeable users will do).
> Please keep in mind that insserv was confirmed as a release goal, so
> what should I do? I'm open to better suggestions.

I do not have any better solutions.  The only bad alternative I have
seen used is to remove known symlinks directly in /etc/rcX.d/, and
this do not work with file-rc and insserv.  It is done in Ubuntu,
because they have dropped file-rc.  It is as I see it, not an option
in Debian.

This has been discussed some times on debian-devel@ too.  See for
example the thread starting on

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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