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Re: seeking approval for reprepro 3.5.2-3

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 10:39:20AM +0000, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> I've prepared reprepro 3.5.2-3 incorporating the fixes in reprepro 3.6.1.
> As 3.6.1 is in experimental, this could go via unstable if approved.
> It fixes three bugs, all not in the BTS:
> - Ctrl-C support for some operations got lost in 3.3. This causes a
>   locked database if the user is too impatient.
> - the reoverride command was totally broken in multiple ways
>   (causing an assertion in some cases, reporting out of memory
>    erroneously otherwise, putting things in an uncommon position
>    and ignoring section and priority which are for override the most
>    intresting, because of blindly c&p code from elsewhere).
> - interaction with libbz2 had a bug in dealing with libbz2 needing
>   multiple calls to finish compression. (It returns BZ_FINISH_OK
>   instead of BZ_RUN_OK then. Dunno if something in libbz2 changed
>   or some user just had very bad luck to run into this. It causes
>   reprepro to abort when trying to export an distribution).


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