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Freeze exception for podlators-perl/2.1.2-1

Hi release team,

please consider giving a freeze exception for podlators-perl/2.1.2-1
to get the 'pod2man --utf8' functionality in Lenny. Note that this is
a new package not currently in testing.

Some background can be found in #480997 and the thread spanning


Summary: the etch version of pod2man lets UTF-8 through as is, but
the current lenny version turns them into 'X's and the like. The etch
behaviour was undefined and unsupported, but somewhat understandably
users (including the po4a and debconf packages) have been relying on it
for translated man pages.

I think having the newer Pod::Man and pod2man in a separate package
overriding those in the Perl core would be a less invasive change than
patching the core versions. This is not a stopper, though, and I'd be
OK with the other option too if you prefer that.

The UTF-8 output would be opt-in at least for lenny; packages needing
it would have build-depend on podlators-perl and add '--utf8' to the
pod2man options.

This is #480997; the newer Pod::Man also fixes #448204 and #480565.
It would also enable a fix for #492037 by making perl-doc depend on
podlators-perl and adding the '--utf8' to the pod2man invocation
behind the scenes.

Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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