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Re: suite tags (Re: Doing some stable QA work)

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008, Luk Claes wrote:
> Don Armstrong wrote:
>> *** proposal *** 
>> For the purposes of determining buginess, setting a distribution tag
>> limits the bugginess of a package in distribtions to the intersection
>> of the distributions and the version-based bugginness of a package.
>> This means that a bug that would normally be buggy in etch and lenny
>> (but fixed in sid) due to the versions present of that package would
>> only be present in lenny if tagged lenny and tagged sid.
> Does this also mean that the bug would not be present anywere when
> the intersection would be empty (tagged lenny with a version higher
> than the one in testing for instance)?

Right. [I submit that in such a case, the lenny tag should be removed
if it actually affects unstable; possibly it shouldn't have been
applied in the first case.]

> We should probably look at all the possibilities and think about
> good defaults for them?

We should think about them, but whatever decision we make needs to
apply to all of the possible distribution tags in a similar manner.
[That is, I really don't want to special case every single tag,
because that's not maintainable.]

Don Armstrong

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