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Re: Please allow sysvinit version 2.86.ds1-61 into testing

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
After realizing that it would be possible to get splash screens
working properly in Lenny with gdm and kdm, and to get it working with
runlevel 1 as well, by extending sysv-rc to not only track when the
splash system should be stopped, but to also stop it, I concluded it
would be a good idea to get yet another update of sysvinit into Lenny.
It should get usplash working, and if splashy implement the progress
bar API used by initscripts and sysv-rc, splashy should work as well.

While working on a new sysvinit upload, I checked the BTS for a few
easy fixes and stuff related to release goals, and decided to include
some more fixes in the upload.  This is the complete diff.  Please
allow it to propagate into Lenny when it has had some time in
unstable.  As can be seen in the changelog, I fixed an SELinux related
issue and got rid of a warningfrom invoke-rc.d when called during the
early boot.




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