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Re: [Monotone-devel] RFA: monotone-viz - visualize a monotone repository

Shaun Jackman wrote:
Due to a change of job, I am not using this tool as regularly as I
used to. This package we would be better maintained by someone who
does. There is one outstanding release-critical bug.
Hello Debian-Release team,

monotone-viz is RFA'ed and has a release critical bug:

I am assuming this is a issue in Lenny because Lenny appears to have the latest version of monotone:

Unfortunately, the solution recommended in the bug report is to update the package to the newest upstream version. It looks like this version uses a different mechanism to access the database, from <http://oandrieu.nerim.net/monotone-viz/>

   1.0:  do not access the monotone database directly: obtain all
   necessay information via the |mtn automate| mechanism

The other changes appear to be relatively minor (documentation and build issues).

If somebody were to package the latest version and put it in unstable, is there any chance of it getting into Lenny?


Brian May

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