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Re: please remove trac-ja-resource from tsting

* Luis Matos [Tue, 05 Aug 2008 22:53:51 +0100]:

> Hello there!

> this is a ping about this issue (i know there are only 3 days passed).

> even if the maintainer is MIA, trac 0.11 *is* the right version for
> debian to ship because 0.10.4 is not supported anymore and
> trac-ja-resource only supports 0.10.4.

> if the maintainer will only be around for the next week ...
> trac-ja-resource will not be missed in testing for now. (hope the
> maintainer can upload a new trac-ja-resource to ship with lenny)

> thank you

Ok, I've added a removal hint for trac-ja-resource now.

trac 0.11-3 should go in tonight, but please check that it really has
before uploading 0.11.1-1 to unstable.

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