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Re: please unblock game-data-packager

Jon Dowland wrote:
Hi folks,

I gave a heads-up about this a week or so ago[1]. Please
unblock game-data-packager version 18 for entry into Lenny
(well, contrib-alongside-lenny).

The reason for the delay was primarily navigating NEW, which
was necessary only due to a name change (it's not really a
NEW package but an evolution of doom-package) but I have
also subsequently (yesterday) added a Provides: line to
properly migrate users from the older doom-package across to

This completes various transitions in the doom packages to
give a consistent dooming experience in Debian.

Does this mean that doom-package is supposed to be replaced by game-data-packager? If so please file a removal bug for the former and I'll unblock the latter :-)



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