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seeking freeze exception for tbb

Let me start by saying that my previous mail [0] seeking a release
exception for tbb was not the best organized or best formed mail.  I
will more carefully lay out the pertinent bits of information in this

According to the Lenny freeze announcement [1], there were some specific
things that were listed as being worthy of a freeze exception.  Here are
the items I think are relevant:

 - fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity critical,
   grave, and serious) in all packages;
 - fixes for severity: important bugs in packages of priority:
   optional or extra, only when this can be done via unstable;
 - documentation fixes.

Now, the version of tbb (tbb_2.1~20080605-1) for which I am seeking an
exception has just recently been accepted from the NEW queue and is now
in unstable.  The two primary changes to the package (aside from it
being a new upstream release) are:

 - the inclusion of proper SONAME support
 - the inclusion of documentation

Both of these changes are upstream changes.  Previously, the
documentation was completely absent.  The SONAME support in previous
versions of the package was something that I had hacked together in
order to meet the Debian library packaging requirements.  With regard to
the SONAME support, I had filed a bug upstream and included for them a
patch for the SONAME support I added.  They decided to add SONAME
support, but in a different manner than I did.  Now, I am not certain if
the SONAME support issue would be considered severity "important" or RC.
However, I am mostly trying to avoid potential upgrade woes between
lenny and lenny+1 because of differences in the way SONAME is

In any case, tbb is of priority extra, has no r-deps in Debian and is
used by a relatively small number of users.

Would a freeze exception be a possibility in this case?



[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2008/07/msg00562.html
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/07/msg00007.html

Roberto C. Sánchez

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