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Re: How should I handle the sitation with releaseforge?

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> writes:
> As of about one week ago, version 1.3 is now available from upstream
> [2].  This version works with all the changes to SourceForge's site.
> My first instinct was to simply request removal of the package.
> However, that is undesirable as it has already shipped with a stable
> release (version 1.1-1 is in Etch).  Removal from Lenny would leave Etch
> users without any sort of upgrade path.  Leaving the current version in
> Lenny would, however, result in a package that is completely broken for
> Lenny's entire life cycle.

Pushing an untested package into the frozen lenny is not an option, so
removal seems to be the most reasonable course.

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