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Re: Orphaned packages that were not part of etch

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> writes:
> I've reassigned the bugs to ftp.debian.org for packages that should be
> removed from Debian completly. I would suggest the following removals
> from testing at this point:
> # #491892: RoQA; NPOASR, orphaned
> remove hg-buildpackage/
> # #491891: RoQA; NPOASR, orphaned
> remove krecordmydesktop/0.1~alpha1+debian-2
> # #491900: RoQA; NPOASR, orphaned
> remove kxgenerator/0.3.7+dfsg-3

To be sure that these actually go, I've added the removal hints. FWIW,
even though lenny is frozen, testing removals will automatically happen
when the unstable version was removed.

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