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Re: more SE Linux packages for Lenny

Russell Coker wrote:
> I have uploaded python-sepolgen 1.0.11-4 to fix a gross module name bug (the 
> code was as AFAIK impossible to use in the previous version).  It closes 
> 487212, please include it in Lenny and push it through as fast as possible.  
> Fixing a package that is utterly broken should have minimal delay.
> I have also uploaded policycoreutils 2.0.49-4 which depends on python-sepolgen 
> 1.0.11-4.  It has a minor change to a couple of python programs to match.  
> While most of the functionality in the package currently works fine (so it's 
> not as high a priority), the audit2allow script is an important part of SE 
> Linux and should be included in Lenny.




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