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Re: gnucash advice request take two

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 02:15:33AM +0000, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> It turns out that the upload of an HBCI-supporting gnucash which I made
> was missing some important patches.  (See recent gnucash bugs by Micha
> Lenk for details.)  I am not entirely confident there are not other such
> problems.  This seems to me to be a poor way to go.
> What I would most like to do is upload gnucash 2.2.6, which is expected
> in a week or so.  But that will require an freeze exemption from the
> release team.
> So there are three options:
> 1) Leave 2.2.4-1 in testing.
>    Advantage: Relatively stable.
>    Disadvantage: Has bugs which have been fixed upstream. Screws HBCI
> users.
> 2) Apply the further patches waiting on 2.2.4-2, and upload 2.2.4-3
> which should get into testing.
>     Advantage: Preserves HBCI support for users, assuming that this set
> of patches will really do the trick.  Has not received wide testing.
>     Disadvantage: Brittle strategy for maintenance.

2) is the best option so far, but I've not seen how invasive the
patches look like, so this is by no mean a promise.

> 3) Upload 2.2.6 when it releases, and get that into testing.
>     Advantage: Gives known-working HBCI with widely testing code.
>     Disadvantage: Requires freeze exemption.


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