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Re: Userland compatibility fixes for 2.6.26

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 02:20:12PM +0200, Bastian Blank wrote:
> Hi folks

> Following the discussion some weeks ago I have a patch to fix most of
> the problematic userspace header changes in 2.6.26.

I believe the following other incompatible changes should be addressed:

 asm-arm/unistd.h - changed a syscall define from __NR_timerfd to
    __NR_timerfd_create, unknown impact on existing applications
 linux/msdos_fs.h - dropped the #define for FAT_VALID_MEDIA

> However I decided to ignore the following changes:
> - sparc: Removed a.out definitions, SunOS/Solaris emulation only
> - sparc: Removed SunOS/Solaris interface definitions

I'm somewhat skeptical about dropping these; there are lots of things that
like to include the kernel ELF headers, sometimes for no apparent reason, so
it's possible that something is trying to include a.out on sparc or use
other compat interfaces.

But we can watch for this and deal with it only if and when it causes a
problem, if the rest of the release team is ok with it.  If it does cause
problems, we should be prepared to restore these defns rather than spend
time on a full-archive hunt for incompatibilities.

> - Definitions for AF_WANPIPE socket

Seems ok, any regression is going to be very localized.

If someone can take care of patching the two issues mentioned above, then
I'm happy with a 2.6.26 upload to unstable.  Otherwise I'll work on the
patch myself tomorrow night.

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