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Re: Bug#492513: [digikam] does not start :: symbol lookup error: digikam: undefined symbol

reassign 492513 libkipi0 0.1.6-1

On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, Nadav Kavalerchik wrote:
> after upgrade 0.9.3 --> 0.9.4 i get:
> laptop:~# digikam
> digikam: symbol lookup error: digikam: undefined symbol:
> _ZN4KIPI9Interface7versionEv
> and it does not start :-(
> libkipi0                              | 0.1.5-2


Thanks for the report.  This symbol is provided by libkipi0 0.1.6-1.

The fix will require an soname bump and NEW package for libkipi and then a 
binNMU for digikam, kipi-plugins, kphotoalbum & gwenview.


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